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CAT/DIN/BT Force Gage



Complete CAT/DIN/BT Force    Gage

CAT/DIN/BT Force Gage is the most cost efficient alternative of inspection machine tool spindle. All gagging sets are sold below $1000, which is (in conservative judgment) at least 2 times less  than any known  Force Gage today.
Clamping force  is one of most important parameters of modern tooling system. Machine tool manufacturers specify  nominal clamping force , generated by spindle draw bar. Responsibility of end user is to check periodically and maintain clamping force within recommended limits.
Failure to achieve of sufficient clamping force may reduce significantly rigidity of spindle-tool interface and, as a result, cause of operation overload. 
You can buy CAT/DIN/BT Force Gages by credit card, electronic payment or by check. If you prefer purchase by check, fill and submit order form. We will send you Invoice.



Presented CAT/DIN/BT Force Gage is a very durable and accurate device, easy to use and maintain.
It includes two major components:
Standard Gage Kit and  Adapter (see pictures), which fits one of three CAT, DIN or BT spindles. 

When ordering Force Gage, please specify which type of Adapter you need. There is a check mark on shopping card order form, which allows to choose between
CAT, DIN or BT Adapters. If you would like to buy additional Adapters, please  e-mail us your request and we will arrange payment. 


Standard Analog Gage Kit.

There are four sizes of CAT/DIN/BT Force Gages with measurement limits 3000 Lbs, 5000 Lbs, 10000 Lbs and 15000 Lbs. Verify your equipment manual to obtain correct clamping force for your Spindle draw bar.
Standard Gage Kit is connected to inspected drawbar via Transfer screw and Pull Stud.


   Transfer screw and Pull Stud

Carton Box

By default complete Force Gages are shipped in carton box. Deluxe packages are shipped with Metal Tote Box (see picture below). It has room for 40 & 50 Tapers, transfer screws, pull-studs, etc. Complete set of Deluxe is follows this section.

If you would like to purchase metal tote box separately select here.

All Force Gages are covered by Limited Warrantee for one year from the date of purchase. For more details about warrantee click here.

Complete Deluxe Force Gage package