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HSK, CAT/DIN/BT Force Gages


HSK Force Gage  

CAT/DIN/BT Force Gage  


Intelligent Concept is proud to introduce New line of Force Gages for CNC Machines.  These Force Gages are the most efficient way of inspection Spindle drawbar force. They are accurate and durable, easy to use, do not require battery and cords and fit well in harsh shop floor environment. Time to perform measurement is well under 2 minutes, which makes it possible to test HSK or CAT/DIN/BT spindles without affecting production cycle time.

Clamping force  is one of the most important parameters of Steep Taper or HSK tooling system. Importance to make periodic inspections can not be underestimated. As any mechanical system, spindle follows typical wear and tear life cycle. Due to performing multiple clamp-unclamp operations and high-low speed rotation under interrupted cutting force loads some components experience fatigue. This may change original clamping force of drawbar mechanism, which will substantially affect performance of the spindle.

Most known failures related to low clamping force are:

  • Reduced rigidity of system.

  • Vibration during machining

  • Reduced tool life of cutting tools.

  • Bell mouth of spindle end.

  • Fretting (dynamic corrosion) of adapters.

  • Reduced accuracy and repeatability of machine.

Standard Gage Kit can be attached

Periodic inspection of drawbar pressure makes possible to register reduction in clamping force and perform optimal adjustment of spring pack. This will assure long life of the spindle and protect capital equipment against premature loss.
Both HSK and CAT/DIN/BT Force gages are available in 3000 Lbs, 5000 Lbs, 10000 Lbs and 15000 Lbs measurement ranges.

Hundreds of Force Gages are sold worldwide. All Force Gages are covered by Limited Warrantee for one year from the date of purchase. Please refer to Force Gage Limited Warrantee page for complete information and Certification process.