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  • I have used the HSK handbook with great success.  It has served as an important source of information.

The Boeing Company Roger Bown
The Boeing Company
  • The handbook is the most comprehensive piece of literature covering the HSK coupling.  Great job! I find the handbook to be the best source on HSK info available.


Peter Mesa.
Sandvik Coromant US,
Product Specialist,
  • I recommend the "HSK Handbook" for all users of HSK, Product specialists, Project managers, Designers and novices. For me, it becomes my reference for all answers that I am looking for.

Stellram Cutting Tools

Jean Luc Dufour
Project manager
R&D Stellram USA
& Europe

  • I found the HSK Handbook to be very comprehensive and detailed, and was impressed with the technical information included. The format was very user friendly.

Sandvik Coromant

Tom Chevalier
Product Manager
Sandvik Coromant

  • The HSK Handbook is an excellent book on HSK.  We only take one exception on page (43) where you state that the HSK Spindle Taper is not practical to be repaired.  We have been in the business 39 years, and have plated the face and taper of Spindle shafts with excellent success, saving customers considerable amount of time and money.  When we have completed this operation no one can tell that it has been Plated and Ground.

Precision Balancing & Analyzing Co.

Phillip J. Wykoff
Precision Balancing & Analyzing Co

  • I recently purchased a copy of Dr. Kocherovsky's HSK handbook to assist in developing a product for testing HSK-type spindle drawbar pressure.  I would very much like to thank Dr. Kocherovsky for providing such a comprehensive, and well written explanation of the HSK concept and design.  It is well worth it's very huge price!


Jerome D. Sailing

The Clamprite Co

  • We have reviewed the HSK handbook and find that it is very well layed out and will be very helpful.
    I am recommending the book to fellow employees and industry contacts.

  T.M.Smith Tool International

Lee D. Flick
Sales / Service Engineer
T.M. Smith Tool International

  • We have been searching for information on HSK shanks all over the place.  We found that this book was the best source of knowledge.  It really helped us to understand this system and learn all about the specification of each type of shank.  It is a must read.

Gladu Tools Inc.

Gabriel Fafard
Research and development
Gladu Tools Inc.

  • I would like to thank you, for writing an excellent book. The Handbook for HSK's answers just about every question concerning HSK's. Since its introduction, the HSK has been a very difficult system to understand. Your book has gone beyond just a translation. This book has led me to understand this tool, the advantage's, the problems, and the proper care needed to maintain it.
    We use your book in the engineering and manufacturing of HSK toolholders. Although we know that we have to hold certain dimensions it always nice to know why.
    I can recommend this book to anyone in the business of design, manufacture, using, or even thinking about using an HSK.

  Hydra-Lock Corporation

Rober Laube
Manufacturing Manager
Hydra-Lock Corporation

  • This book is a must for the basic understanding of HSK.  If you do not understand the benefits now, this book will help clear up any questions you may have about the benefits of HSK. 
    This book is essential for all manufactures, marketers and salespeople to have as a reference guide.

Techniks, Inc.

John Stagge
Techniks, Inc.

  • Your book has helped us quite a bit. We have a tough time translating the prints for both holders and spindles. Since we now have your book, we know more about the specs and dimensions of the tools we use.
        I cannot say that I would change anything. I have referred your book to two gentlemen from a company called MLI (Machining Laboratories Inc.). They build machines and spindles and also sell a vibration analysis software that is very unique. I think they will be able to use this book to their advantage.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

Tom Climes
Cooper Tire &
Rubber Company

  • We have purchased the  HSK Handbook and find it an excellent source for HSK data. 

Tim Finger
Application Specialist
Great Lakes Carbide Tool Mfg.

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