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"HSK HANDBOOK" – is a new publication issued by Intelligent Concept (West Bloomfield, MI).

"HSK HANDBOOK" - COVER PAGE"HSK HANDBOOK" covers a fundamental knowledge and the principals of the HSK interface. This book also contains the most recent information available as recommendations and guidelines for the proper utilization this revolutionary tooling connection. It is expected that after studying this book, the reader will have a clear idea about the "physics" and the "philosophy" of HSK technology.

The new publication describes the basics of HSK, history and the reasons for its development, how the HSK interface works in general, and what is happening when an HSK shank is clamped. Subsequent chapters precisely explore every single type of an HSK Shank and Tool Receiver and recommendations for their suitable applications.

An important part of this book is the analysis of the material selection for HSK shanks. Courtesy of HAAS Automation

In the conclusion there are formulated general recommendations for end users, when they are shopping for HSK products and possible solutions for the troubleshooting of common problems.

   "HSK HANDBOOK" was developed in consideration of ANSI standards (third angle of projection) and domestic measurement units (inch, pound, and so on). It is very practical, easy to read and understand.

"HSK HANDBOOK" is recommended for end users involved in the implementation of HSK tooling, machine tool companies and distributors of CNC centers with HSK spindles, tooling departments responsible for HSK specifications, developers of HSK equipment and professionals looking for new tooling solutions for high speed/high rigidity machining.

This book may be essential for training of sales force involved in marketing of HSK products.

Benefits of the publication:

  • History overview of HSK development
  • Detail explanation of how HSK interface works.
  • Recommended loads, torque and RPM for each HSK Shank.
  • A complete set of drawings for all HSK shanks and receivers in ANSI standard.
  • Recommendations for the clamping force for all HSK shanks.
  • Material selection for HSK tooling.
  • Troubleshooting of HSK applications.
  • Tips for buyers of HSK products.