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Technical Translation

    Presented TECHNICAL TRANSLATION  – is a supplemental publication provided complementary with HSK HANDBOOK per customer request. DIN technical translation is NOT sold separately.

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This document is an adequate translation of the HSK related DIN-Standards: E DIN 69063-1, E DIN 69063-2, DIN V 69063-5, DIN V 69063-6, DIN 69893-1, DIN 69893-2, DIN V 69893-5 and DIN V 69893-6.

This translation was produced by Intelligent Concept and has not been checked by DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung.

DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung is a German national standardization organization, which holds full ownership of the shown above standards.

    Putting together HSK standards was an enormous job, and developers made their best effort to make it accurate and free from errors. However, due to the fact that documents appeared before the product was debugged on the field or in the lab, andGMN HSK Spindle with manual tool change due to the necessity of satisfying different technical opinions, the standard was changed many times. Probably, because of the high volume of information included in the standard, not all of the data was updated correctly and there are still some places that require clarification.

We submitted a special report to the DIN committee, with all of the discrepancies we found. In our technical translation we will bring your attention to these places using a bold italic font with remarks.