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HSK HANDBOOK" distributed in USA & Canada.
Publication:1999; (Language: English)



HSK HANDBOOK" distributed worldwide. Publication:1999; (Language: English)

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Modern manufacturing today is demanding higher speeds and feeds, greater accuracy and faster tool changes than ever before to remain competitive and profitable. Producers all over the world have looked at various ways of achieving these goals. One attractive solution is HSK, a revolutionary tooling system developed in Europe and spreading quickly here in U.S. It offers users the fastest possible material removal rates, highest accuracy, and rigidity. HSK - is an abbreviation of the new standard Tooling Interface, which was developed in Germany and describes tooling shanks DIN69893 (ISO/DIS 12164-1) and spindle receivers DIN69063 (ISO/DIS 12164-1). These standards were introduced as non-proprietary solutions. In fact, the HSK spindle is considered a default parameter in machine tool specifications of the major automotive and airspace companies, especially for high-speed applications. Totally there were created six separate standards for HSK Shanks and six standards for matching Spindle Receivers. Current book included complete information about HSK technology, guidelines for proper utilization and set of manufacturing drawings for all HSK Shanks and Spindle Receivers.
HSK HANDBOOK addresses many of these issues and and helps in implementation of this new Tooling Technology.
HSK HANDBOOK" is recommended for end users involved in the implementation of HSK tooling, machine tool companies and distributors of CNC centers with HSK spindles, tooling departments responsible for HSK specifications, developers of HSK equipment and professionals looking for new tooling solutions for high speed/high rigidity machining. * * This book may be essential for training of sales force involved in marketing of HSK products. * * Benefits of the publication: - History overview of HSK development - Detail explanation of how HSK interface works. - Recommended loads, torque and RPM for each HSK Shank. - A complete set of drawings for all HSK shanks and receivers in ANSI standard. - Recommendations for the clamping force for all HSK shanks. - Material selection for HSK tooling. - Troubleshooting of HSK applications. - Tips for buyers of HSK products.