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elcome to the HSK World - a web site dedicated to an important part of machine tool - Tooling Interface. Our organization - Intelligent Concept, is committed to providing the most recent information about HSK Technology in the form of periodical publication - "HSK HANDBOOK".

HSK HANDBOOK Mechanical Force Gages Standards

 "HSK HANDBOOK"  is a comprehensive publication about HSK tooling technology.
It is recommended for end users involved in the implementation of HSK tooling, machine tool companies and distributors of CNC centers, tooling departments responsible for HSK specifications, developers of HSK equipment and professionals looking for new tooling solutions for high speed/high rigidity machining.  This book may be essential for  sales force and marketing professionals.

The most economical tool for spindle drawbar testing!
Introduced drawbar Force Gages are most cost efficient gages for CAT/BT/DIN and HSK spindles and clamping units. They allow to test spindle drawbar force for a half  of the cost of other methods.   Spindles of CNC machines must be tested often. They have  to  confirm recommended guide lines according to manufacturer specifications or DIN 69063, DIN 69893, ISO 12164-1 and  ISO 12164-2 documents. Now digital readouts are available.

Please, visit HSKWORLD online store.

We provide all HSK tooling standards, which describe HSK Shanks and HSK Spindle Receivers. They are: DIN 69063, DIN 69893, ISO 12164-1 and  ISO 12164-2. Totally over 20 HSK tooling standards were published so far.

Also, we are monitoring progress in continuing process of standardization and updating our offering accordantly.

HSK BLANKS Electronic Force Gages

Presented HSK Blanks manufactured from premium alloy steels and heat treated to HRC 58 (HV 670 kp/mm²) in HSK shank area. Front part of HSK Blanks is drawn back to allow economical machining by turning and milling to produce special tools .

The most versatile force gage for precision inspection of clamping force.
This easy to use, light weight force measurement system can be adopted to HSK, Capto, CAT/DIN, BT, ISO, Big Plus steep tapers and any of your special tooling interfaces. Please request quote.

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HSK DIN 69063-1 HSK DIN 69063-2 HSK DIN 69063-5
HSK DIN 69063-6 HSK DIN 69893-1 HSK DIN 69893-2
HSK DIN 69893-5 HSK DIN 69893-6 HSK DIN 6594
HSK DIN 6596 HSK DIN 6597 HSK DIN 6598
HSK DIN 69882-1 HSK DIN 69882-2 HSK DIN 69882-3
HSK DIN 69882-4 HSK DIN 69882-5 HSK DIN 69882-6
HSK DIN 69882-7 HSK DIN 69882-8 HSK Toolholder
HSK Spindle HSK Shank Combi-Type HSK Milling Adapter
HSK Tool Holder HSK Shell Mill Adapters HSK Weldon Shank Mill Adapters
HSK Whistle-Notch Adapter HSK Collet Chuck Adapters HSK Expansion Adapters
HSK Shrink Fit Adapters HSK Indexable Drills BS ISO 12164-1
NF E62-507-1 NF E62-507-2 BS ISO 12164-2
JSA JIS B6339 DIN 509  

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