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Limited Warrantee



All Force Gages are covered by Limited Warrantee for one year from the date of purchase. Every gage is certified and serialized to maintain Quality Assurance System. Every unit is shipped with Quality Certificate as shown below and is traceable to NIST for ISO 9000 users.
These mechanical Gages are simple in use and demonstrate very durable performance if used according to included instruction. Hundreds gages are in use by Air-Space, Automotive, Energy and transportation companies with no single reclamation or return.
We offer also courtesy check of Gages at manufacturing facility free of charge, if customer pays shipping expenses. This express inspection is recommended after several years of exploitation or if customer had an accident with the gage and has concern about it's accuracy.
In addition, complete recertification is available for $59.0.
If Force Indicator was damaged, it can be replaced for only $40.0.
Some times customers want to replace for an example 3,000 Lb. Indicator to a 5,000 Lb. Indicator. This type of service will cost $95.0.

In some cases customers would like to modify their pull studs for steep tapers. This service is done free of charge to guarantee complete compatibility of purchased Force Gages with customer's equipment.